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PPC Consultant in London

Why Your Company Should Hire a PPC Consultant

My website is directed at those looking for a PPC consultant in London. The sheer number of PPC agencies in London is a source of trepidation for many businesses. Even with credited agencies, it can be difficult to a stable and continuous relationships, which is why both established brands and website often prefer to think outside the book and look for a PPC consultant to help them achieve their desired marketing results. 
That is where I come in. As a professional Pay Per Click consultant, not only do I come recommended with years of professional experience, but I also provide transparent and on-going management services that you can rely on for an effective advertising campaign for your product. 
A PPC consultant is someone on whom you can trust to produce successful strategies that increase the traffic on your website. PPC's campaigns help you to develop effective marketing techniques such as paid search, one technique which helps you find consumers for your product, by showing ads actual relevant to your business on search engine results pages (SERPs), as soon as users search for related keywords. 
The pricing model means you only pay a fee each time that someone clicks on your ads or visits your site, hence the term pay per click or PPC.

Effective PPC will not only increase the volume of traffic to your website, but it will also do so immediately. 
In a short window of time you can effortlessly increase not only your leads and also your revenue. The impact of PPC advertising is something your business will feel almost instantly. For one, it can give your website an almost immediate first page exposure on major search engines. It can enable an unlimited and consistent flow of traffic to your website. It allows your site to try out otherwise untested campaigns and for your ads to be more properly and specifically targeted. 
It will make sure your ads only match relevant search queries. When full optimized, a PPC strategy can drive any number of leads and transactions to your site. It will allow for your brand to have a much wider audience and consumer base. 
PPC has proved time and time again to be a winning marketing strategy. PPC consultants like me are the people with the knowledge, the skill and the experience to bring those strategies to life and help your business to grow. 
As a UK-based PPC consultant I offer services to all brands and companies who are happy to contact me directly. 
My contact and personal information are readily available for you on my website.


As a freelance PPC consultant, I am able to offer an initial consultation, so we can work what marketing strategies would work better towards the success of your company, as I can offer guidance and advice on how which keywords to use to attract more leads.

I am able to optimize your long tail, generic and branded keywords and by doing so, I will have managed to reach customers at various buying stages, thus increasing your audience and all subsequent conversion opportunities.

Unlike other PPC consultants, even though I am fully aware of the power of content and design, I never underestimate the importance of data towards succeeding in today's digital world. Though I am London based, I am able to cater to international companies. I can effectively run PPC activities in three languages (English, Italian and French). I have had a number of successful companies such as UPS and Rocco Forte Hotels, who have all been happy with my work. Aside from my consultation services, I also offer paid search training for your team.
By the end of this training period, your team will be able to understand the role that PPC plays in our current advertising space and how companies use it to grow their businesses. Learning tools will include deeper insights into the mechanics of PPC, keyword targeting, search ranking, match types, and formats.


The goal here is to learn undiscovered opportunities of PPC, including, but not limited to personalization, voice search and pre-emptive search. The most successful brands thrive on the use of successful PPC advertising strategies and I am here to help yours do the same.

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