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Optimise Display Network ads and campaigns

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Ads on the Display Network can be shown on millions of websites across the Internet, so it's important that you think about your advertising goals to make the most of each opportunity to improve your performance. Here are some ways that you can optimise your Display Network campaigns:

Organise your campaigns by theme

Campaigns should be a collection of ad groups. Each ad group should have multiple ads that match the targeting methods that you choose. For example, your ad group's keywords and ads relate to the same theme. Or, your ad group's placements and ads are about a specific topic. Structuring your campaigns in this way also makes them easier to manage and optimise.

Write great ads

To better connect to your customers, it's important to create the most compelling ad that you can. Whether your ad is a basic text ad or an image ad, telling your story can help attract customers to your business.

The Display Network supports a variety of eye-catching ad types and formats.

Bear in mind: Some websites don't show all types of ads, so you might want to create ads of all formats and sizes to reach the most people.

Target your ads effectively

When you set up your campaign, you'll need to choose how you reach people on the web. The most basic and powerful ways to reach certain audiences are to refine your keywords, use placements and topics, exclude websites and remarket to people who have already visited your site.

Adjust your bids

When you create a new campaign, you'll have the option to target the Search Network, the Display Network or both. Depending on which networks you target, you'll need to monitor and manage your bids to make sure that you’re getting the most from your daily advertising budget.

If you target only the Display Network, you can use your ad group default bid, set individual bids for your targeting methods (like a keyword or placement bid) or set bid adjustments for specific targeting methods. If you find your ads are performing very well for a certain targeting method, you can help your ads show more often and get more clicks by setting a different bid or automatic bid adjustment to your ad group bid.

Keep an eye on your ads' performance

Monitoring which websites, videos and apps have displayed your ads can help you avoid impressions on placements where your ads don't earn clicks. For example, if you notice that a placement never leads to any clicks on your ad, you might consider excluding it. Or, if a placement leads to a lot of clicks, you might want to target it specifically and set higher bids.

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